For more than twenty years Lisa Vandenburgh has spent time with home owners and their families carefully listening to what makes being at home special to them. Lisa's success in creating the special places they envision has continually exceeded her clients' expectations.

Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd. has the ability to transform personal creativity and enthusiasm into good, detailed, non-formula design. The challenges of working in a variety of styles are embraced by Lisa and her design team as they bring each client's vision into reality by honoring their individual passions, personalities and lifestyles.

Lisa works closely with each client to ensure they get the most out of the team's expertise, talent and attention to detail. Clients also benefit from Lisa's unique relationship with an exclusive group of international vendors, which include highly skilled artisans and crafts people as well as the finest antique and specialty shops. Lisa Vandenburgh Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of quality, professionalism and customer service, thereby safeguarding the lasting and enjoyable investment you make in your home.

Whether it is a contemporary residence or country estate, island cottage or mountain cabin, we at Lisa Vandenburgh think your dream house should be the one you live in.